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Casino Veteran, is a mature gentleman and a true global citizen. He has a passion for online gaming and classic cars. Made his money playing poker in his early days and with time moved to online slots and spent years playing casino games online. He likes to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines. Thanks to the beauty of online gaming he can indulge in his passions and continue his research regardless of the location. He is a full-time online player spending days looking for the best offers, bonuses and online casinos the Internet has to offer. He is here to help you and share his knowledge.

Online Casinos

On this page you’ll be able to find all casinos as recommended by Casino Veteran. As industry experts we bring you the latest and most trusted online casinos 2019. You can arrange and filter by countries, payment methods, game providers, and more.


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Deposit Bonuses

Casino Veteran brings you the best and latest in casino bonuses, if it is the welcome offer, after deposit bonus, or a one time special, you will find it here !


Read on for the very best guides and hints to get the best out of playing online. The Casino Veteran has seen it all when it comes to online casinos and is ready to pass this wisdom on to anyone who needs it.


Tips for choosing an online slot game

Some say he can make a roulette wheel spin just by looking at it, others that he can deal a deck of cards while asleep. He is the Casino Veteran and he thought it was high time that he shared with you exactly how to choose an online slot game. … Continued


Games of chance: RTP and variance

Some say he can hear a roulette wheel spin from a thousand yards, others that he can deal a deck of cards with just his toes. He is the Casino Veteran and he thought it was high time that he shared with you exactly how RTP and variance work in … Continued


Playing live casino

Some say casino chips automatically pile up in front of him, others that dealers look decidedly nervous when they see him approaching. He is the Casino Veteran, and he could not wait to check out the thrills and fun involved in playing live casino games. What are live casino games? … Continued


VIP Casino Bonus offers

Some say he can make roulette wheels spin on their own, others that he can cut a deck of cards with one hand tied behind his back. He is the Casino Veteran, and he was ready to take advantage of all the available VIP casino bonus offers. What is a … Continued