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When it comes to playing at an online casino, deposit bonuses are a very attractive feature to know about. The basic idea behind them is to give players an incentive to sign up via the casino site by adding bonus money when a deposit is made. Naturally, this is great news for players as it gives them free money to play with and more chances to win. Many casino deposit bonuses will also offer Free Spins to make them even more tempting. There may not be a Best Deposit Bonus 2019 award, but the Casino Veteran can certainly help you know what to keep an eye out for!


How does a deposit bonus work?

Casino deposit bonuses happen after a player creates an account with an online casino. When the player deposits money into the account, the deposit bonus comes into play. Depending on the offer at that particular casino, the player will have the extra funds automatically placed into their account to play with. There are a few different types of casino deposit bonuses to know about. While this can seem a little overwhelming for new players, once you have become an expert like the Casino Veteran, it will all become clear. While that happens, let the Casino Veteran share his wisdom in this area.

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What are the different types of deposit bonus?

The main types of deposit bonus that players may come across are as follows:


  • No deposit bonus 

    once a player has created their account, the online casino will give them a free bonus amount or Free Spins, even if they haven’t put money into their account yet. This is one of the best to look out for as it gives you the bonus money to play with but without actually having to use your own money to get it.


No Deposit Bonus


  • Matched deposit bonus 

    This type of casino bonus works in the same way as the No Deposit bonus, but you must fund your account first. When you do this, the online casino will then match what you have put in with their own bonus amount. The bonus amount will vary from casino to casino, so be sure to check it out before signing up. These are probably the most common that you’ll encounter nowadays – and you can see serious amounts of bonus money on offer.


  • Welcome bonus packages

    Another very common type of bonus that players will come across is a complete Welcome Bonus package for new players. This will usually contain some kind of matched deposit bonus for at least the first deposit, but many will run on to your second and third. These packages will also usually bundle Free Spins in as well, making them particularly attractive.




  • Returning player bonuses 

    Of course, it is not just new players who can look forward to mega bonuses. Once you have signed up and had your initial bonus as a newbie, most online casinos will have rewards for returning players. This could be in the form of Free Spins credited to your account, or small bonus amounts deposited into your account to play with. Most online sites now will also have ongoing promotions throughout the week.

When it comes to deposit bonuses, it is worth checking the full details. Some Welcome Bonus packages, for example, will only allow you to deposit a maximum amount or put a cap on the maximum bonus amount that they will give players. The Welcome Bonus packages may also have a certain bonus percentage that they award against your deposits, with different percentages based on how much you deposit. For example, one online casino may offer a 100% matched deposit bonus on all initial deposits, whereas another may give you a 100% bonus only if you deposit more than £20.


Always read the Terms and Conditions

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If there is one tip that the Casino Veteran would give to all players, it is to read the Terms and Conditions associated with any deposit bonuses. He always goes into a deal knowing everything he needs to know – and so should you! These Terms and Conditions will give you the full outline of the conditions that you need to meet to use your deposit bonus. For example, some online sites will set minimum odds that a wager must be over to use the deposit bonus.

Key aspect of these Terms and Conditions is Wagering Requirements. Not being aware of the Wagering Requirements can quickly turn a very attractive deposit bonus package into one that is less desirable. Wagering Requirements refer to the amount of times that you need to wager your deposit and bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings. Many people are caught out here as they fund their account with a large amount of their own money to get a large bonus. While this is a good idea in principle, you need to know how this is affected by the Wagering Requirements on the deposit bonus.


Let the Casino Veteran help

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