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Of all the online casino bonuses and promotions, free spins and especially free spins no deposit are probably the most sought after. They allow casino players to enjoy the best slots and chase winnings without spending a penny of their own money, so they bring a lot more opportunities and excitement to the casino experience.

Over the years, the Casino Veteran has played countless free spins on top slot machines and earned some nice winnings, so he knows all about these casino’s most coveted bonuses. He wants to share his knowledge and best tips so that every player can enjoy the best free spins at online casinos.


Online casinos often give their players free spins as part of a welcome offer or as a thank you for being active. Casino Veteran has noticed that many online casinos have added free spins no deposit to their welcome offer, giving new players a good chance to get to know some of the games they choose before making their first deposit. What better than getting the right chance to win without investing any real money. The popularity of these is easy to understand because they not only sound amazing, they really are. With the introduction of free spins no deposit, Casino Veteran has found great new slot games, and it is also a gave him and gives all the players a great chance to try these new games out without any financial risk.

Casino Veteran knows that online casinos have noticed players’ preferences and the fact that many people crave free spins, especially without deposit. As a result, more and more online casinos are spoiling both new and returning players with great and generous offers.

Playing Free Spins doesn’t cost anything, so it is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of them, even if you are not a fan of slot machines.


What are Free Spins at Online Casinos?

Free Spins are, as their name implies, free spins that can be used at online casino for certain games. Online casinos give players free spins in the form of various promotions and newsletter offers, so Casino Veteran suggests signing up and keeping an eye on those.

Free spins are designed to play either a particular game or, for example, some games of a particular game provider, so, unfortunately, majority of the time the player cannot decide for themselves which game he wants to use the free spins on. However, this is hardly a nuisance, as free spins are free, and as most casinos offer them on popular slots or new games, so they appeal to most players.

Free Spins are set to a certain value, which is usually closer to the minimum bet of the game in question. At times, however, online casinos can also run a variety of valuable promotions that include them, which in the experience of the Casino Veteran is a very sought after item.

These type of Valuable free spins promotions will naturally lead to higher winnings, but on the other hand, it usually is at a much lower quantity.

However, online casinos know that, at first glance, 50 free spins will look much more attractive than 10 free spins, even if the total value of both offers is the same.  Because of the intense competition from online casinos fighting for players, many venues attract new customers with a very large amounts of free spins. With the help of Casino Veteran, everyone can find the best free spin deals.


Best Free Spins Deals


Are Free Spins Really Free?

Casino Veteran often hears players wondering if the free spins are really free. He can tell all the doubters that yes, free spins at online casinos are free. On the face of it, this seems like a strange question! After all, the clue is in the name, surely? But some players might feel a bit sceptical, and want clear answers to the question: are they really free?

Players will qualify for free spin bonuses in certain slot games and as such, playing these will not reduce your account balance. Casino Veteran knows that people are inclined to think that nothing is free, and in the final games, free spins can come at a price. Online casinos do give you them for free, but as you might expect, free spin winnings cannot usually be withdrawn without meeting specific betting requirements.

Free spins are free extra and can really help you win and bring your balance up. So it’s no wonder that online casinos have placed wagering requirements on them in the same way as other casino bonuses. Casino Veteran therefore reminds you that you need to meet these if you wish to increase your winnings. Wagering requirements for free spins at online casinos are often around x30, meaning that a player must first wager 30 times to raise his bonus. For example, with a €10 win this would mean practically playing €300 in online casino games. Of course, meeting the wagering requirement will require you to spend money on online casino games, so free spins may eventually come with a price. Naturally, when pursuing this Wagering Requirement, you may lose money when playing the slot games in question.

Casino Veteran also knows that continuing to play slots is a very attractive idea after playing free spins. They give you a taste of the game’s great features and increases chances of winning with less investment. However, if you only signed up to the casino in order to play free spins, you may end up spending money on the same visit. In principle, players who did not plan to play slot machines at all for real money may, therefore, be inspired to play for free spins. This way, these bonuses often can lead to money wagering, even though they are completely free in themselves. However, betting on real money and also betting on free spins is entirely up to the player, so there is no need to spend money on free spins no deposit.

Even thou casinos give you spins of your choice, stake of your choice and games of your choice, thus, the player taking advantage of free spins bonus does not have the freedom to choose these things, but with a free gift, it hardly matters. Casino Veteran believes that overall they are a very fun and exciting addition to the casino experience. Especially spins with no deposit offer a great chance to win even before we have to put any real money on the account, so the popularity of these online casinos most beloved bonuses is easy to understand.


Where to find the best free spins?

Online casinos offer great deals and more generous packages of free spins, so it can take a long time to find the best free spin deals. Casino Veteran has visited countless online casinos and explored the free spins they offer, so he knows well how to get them.

Players appreciate different things about casino bonuses and their gaming preferences also vary, so there is not one free spin package that fits all. Casino Veteran has noticed that most online casinos offer spins on the most popular slot machines, so they are sure to please most players.

Often online casino welcome offer gives you access to dozens if not hundreds of free spins, so it’s a good idea to start. Casino Veteran has added a handy menu on this page to browse the best online casinos based on the free spins they offer to their new players. So here’s an easy answer to the burning question of which online casino gets the Most Free Spins. Online casinos can be sorted according to the following criteria:

casinoveteran free spins filter

  • Most free spins

– as you might expect, this page lists a selection of online casinos that offer the most free spins at the welcome offer. These online casinos offer a huge amount of free spins, so the chances of winning are staggering.

Most Freespins


  •  No Deposit Bonuses – Free Spins No Deposit

– this menu, in turn, contains a handy list of online casinos that give their players free spins after signing up. These online casinos therefore allow you to play and win even before you deposit real money.

No Deposit Bonuses
  • First Deposit Bonus
    No Deposit Bonus


Casino Veteran has drawn up the lists with care and professionalism so that every casino gaming fan can find the best free spin deals. He has thoroughly reviewed the welcome offer at each online casino and explains more about them in his written casino reviews. Reviews contain important information about online casinos and can be easily accessed by clicking on the name of the listed online casino. Casino Veteran shares all its best advice and tips to help every player get the best casino experience.


What are the different kinds of Free Spins bonuses?

placecard for bonuses

When it comes to Free Spins bonuses, there are a few to get to know.

Luckily, the Casino Veteran has got your back:



Welcome Bonus package 

one of the most common places that players will find Free Spins is in the Welcome Bonus packages that casinos offer. Usually, this will be a certain number of Free Spins to use when players first sign up. Along with this, the Welcome Bonus package will normally include a matched deposit bonus for players to enjoy. This package can run across the first few deposits and so is slightly different when compared with bonuses offered upon initial sign-up or deposit.


Free Spins No Deposit bonus 

this is one of the most popular Free Spins bonuses that players can find and is just as it sounds Free spins no deposit ! When players create an account, the online casino will place a certain number of Free Spins in their account, without the need to put any money in first.


Deposit Free Spins bonus 

this is pretty much the same as the Free Spins No Deposit bonus, but players will need to put money into their casino account first. When they do, the Free Spins are credited for them to enjoy.


Reload bonus 

this type of Free Spins bonus is one for existing players. All online casinos value their customers highly and so will reload their accounts with Free Spins on a semi-regular basis. As usual, this will be for certain slots, but it still gives a free and fun way to try your luck with them.


Seasonal promotions and campaigns

– Various seasonal promotions and campaigns also give older players the chance to enjoy free spins. Online casinos often have ongoing campaigns that offer regular bonuses. In addition, there are intermittent campaigns and promotions tailored to players’ preferences, such as email or SMS.


Rewards Programs

Online casinos nowadays have an increasing number of activity based reward programs. Many online casinos collect experience points and rise to the highest level, so loyalty is rewarded. For example, a level rise can reward you with free spins or other great casino bonuses.


Refer a friend 

another way in which Free Spins bonuses can be used is to reward current players who refer friends, who then create an account. If you get the credit for this, Free Spins are one of the main ways in which an online casino will say thank you.


Personal Gifts

– The best online casinos also give their players personalized gifts, for example for their birthday. Free spins on your favorite game are certainly a birthday present for many casino players.

There are thus many ways to enjoy the free spins offered by online casinos. Casino Veteran has noticed that bonuses for older and loyal players have also increased over time as online casinos want to keep their players happy. Indeed, many online casinos offer regular free spins to all their players that can be played at popular slot machines. With the help and tips of the Casino Veteran, every gaming fan can find the best free spins at online casinos and get the most out of them.


How do I play Free Spins?

Many beginner casino players may wonder how to play free spins. Online casinos grant free spins to play in a specific slot, so the key is to find the right game. Some online casinos require spins to be activated, but some casinos automatically activate them. A given game often opens automatically when the free spins bonus is activated, but sometimes you have to look for it to be able to take advantage of the free offer.

The slot machine informs the player of the available free spins, and the bonus will begin upon acceptance of the offer by the player. Casino Veteran reminds you to check that free spins are activated and enabled before starting the game. After that, you can enjoy the game just like playing real money, so it’s really easy to use them.

After the free spins have ended, you can continue playing for real money if you wish.

Free Spins winnings are, with some exceptions, bonus money, so they are added to the bonus balance on your account. Bonus money must be wagered, meaning that a player must place a certain amount of bets at the casino before withdrawing bonus money. Casino Veteran points out that it is a good idea to read the wagering requirements for bonuses and free spins before playing with bonus money and starting wagering, as they can vary widely between casinos and promotions.

As for the requirements for free spin betting, he recommends that you look at at least the following:

  • How big is the requirement for free spins to be wagered?
  • At what time should the wagering requirement be met?
  • In which games can the bonus be wagered?
  • What is the maximum allowed bet when playing with the bonus?
  • Is there a cap on free spins?

There are sometimes limits on the number of free spins that you can claim, which is worth checking out. Casino Veteran has found that especially bonuses without deposit often contain such a restriction. In addition, the wagering requirements at many online casinos must be met within a set time if you wish to withdraw your winnings.

Casino Veteran will always reads the terms and conditions of each promotion and bonus before using it and encourages every player to do the same. They are usually found directly below or behind the link to the offer.


The Casino Veteran makes Free Spins easy to understand

veteran slot machinePlayers who need help understanding Free Spins can rely on the Casino Veteran. In essence, they present a free way to not only increase your chances of winning big but also to try out new games and have some fun.

Casino Veteran has been playing online casinos for years and has followed their development with interest. He enjoyed his first free spins a long time ago and since then he has been fascinated by the awesome bonuses and free spins at online casinos.

Having studied hundreds of online casinos and received countless free spins without deposit, Casino Veteran has a great deal of experience.

In addition, his casino reviews are a great way to find the best online casinos, so you can get to the perfect casino of your liking. The convenient search feature makes it easy to find the most free spins in online casinos. Casino Veteran is constantly testing new online casinos, so here you will always find the latest and greatest information about online casinos, casino bonuses and of course the freerolls everyone loves.