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Some say casino chips automatically pile up in front of him, others that dealers look decidedly nervous when they see him approaching. He is the Casino Veteran, and he could not wait to check out the thrills and fun involved in playing live casino games.

What are live casino games?

Online gambling has never been more popular, and virtual casinos are doing their very best to provide players with an experience that rivals a night out at one of the top land-based casinos. One way that they do this is by allowing customers to play live casino games. When you play live,  an actual dealer runs each game using audio and video communication. You can see and hear him or her shuffling cards, dealing and bantering with the other customers.

Live casinos usually have a simple chat function that allows interaction between the dealer and the players. The dealers know how to run the game in a friendly and professional way, just like the croupier at a brick-and-mortar casino does. As with any casino, customers can ask the dealer questions and get advice on anything that they are unsure about. In fact, the Casino Veteran and many other players find it easier to ask questions from a distance. Their live game improves as they spend more time playing at online casinos.

How do you play live casino games?

Customers can play live casino games using their regular accounts at any online casino. Many casinos actually offer live dealer options, with popular choices such as Red Spins, Frank & Fred Casino and PokerStars all providing a range of live games. Once players log on to a live game, their video feeds will start, and the dealer will welcome them to the casino. They can take seats at the virtual table and wait for other players to arrive.



Once the game starts, it will be similar to other online games, except that players can interact with the dealer. Most players, including the Casino Veteran, really do feel like they are in an actual casino except for the fact that they are, of course, playing from the comfort of their own homes. The video feeds are set up so that players can always see the dealer, the table, the roulette wheel or anything else that they need to be watching.

Many online gamblers practice with regular virtual casino games first before they move on to live games. If you are playing live for the first time, then you can let the dealer know that, and hopefully, you will find that he or she tries to put you at ease. Transitioning over to live online games can be a bit daunting, but most players agree that it is still less intimidating than walking up to the table for the first time at a regular casino.

Which are the best live casino games?

Quite a few games are a lot more fun when you play them at a online casino live. Commonly available games that the Casino Veteran particularly enjoys as live options include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The rules are the same as with the automated versions of the games, but new players may feel a little more pressure knowing that they are competing against other real people watching the live game from their own devices. There will be time limits to place bets or make moves, as other live players are waiting on you.


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The Casino Veteran considers blackjack to be one of the best live casino games, and a friendly battle of wits often takes place between himself and the live dealer. Roulette is also popular, as many players enjoy the thrill of watching and hearing a real roulette wheel and waiting for the ball to drop into place. Live roulette can be much more satisfying than an automated version.

Where can you play live casino games?

Many popular online casinos offer live dealer games. The Casino Veteran likes Red Spins, which has various games that include American roulette, French roulette, three-card poker, blackjack and baccarat. He also enjoys stopping by Frank & Fred Casino, where live dealer options include different versions of roulette, blackjack and poker. Most online casinos that provide live games offer them 24 hours a day, but you will, of course, have to check with your preferred casino to find out which games are on offer and when. Players that do not yet have a favourite casino can check out the Casino Veteran’s recommendations in his online reviews.



Be aware that live dealer games are not always available on mobile apps, but several casinos have perfected the art of live games via their apps, which makes playing on the go a possibility for many customers.

Tips for playing live casino games

As with any type of online gambling, always be sure to choose a reputable casino that is committed to safety and fair play. Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you understand concepts such as minimum deposits and wagering requirements. You might want to check if you can play for free in demo mode before taking a chance on live games with real money.

Some online casinos may offer a separate deposit bonus or free spins once customers start playing live games. Many have a separate section on their websites called Live Casino or something similar, and there may be extra bonuses and promotions available exclusively for the live section. Also, do not forget one of the major advantages of live play over other casino games: if you are not sure about the rules, then you can always ask the dealer for help.

The Casino Veteran wishes you the best of luck as you venture into playing live casino games. Maybe he will see you at the virtual tables.

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