Tips for choosing an online slot game


Some say he can make a roulette wheel spin just by looking at it, others that he can deal a deck of cards while asleep. He is the Casino Veteran and he thought it was high time that he shared with you exactly how to choose an online slot game.


Some online gamblers believe that one slot game is much the same as another. They are random games of luck, after all, so it surely doesn’t matter which one you play. It’s true that slots are random, but it’s also true that there are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing an online slot game.

Understanding RNGs

While it’s true that slots are random, even randomness is based on something. Slots tend to use random number generators, or RNGs. RNGs seem to produce random results, but they are not truly random. They work by constantly creating new “seed numbers” based on the last number or two, and then using a mathematical operation (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to generate the new “random” set of numbers.

RNGs are complex, and when used in slots, are supposed to ensure that the games are as random as it is possible to make a game run by a computer, which, after all, has to be programmed by a human. While some players claim that it’s possible to “hack” the RNG algorithm, the Casino Veteran simply believes it’s important to understand it so that you know how your “random” results are generated.

Choose slots with the highest payouts

It is definitely possible to choose slots with a higher payout. Simply look for the slots with the highest RTP. RTP stands for Return to Player, and is also known as the payout ratio, payout percentage or expected return. It refers to the money that the player can expect to have returned to them during any given casino game, as a percentage of the total money wagered.

RTP is complicated, but you just need to remember that high RTP is good, and low RTP is bad. You then find the slots with the highest RTP. This isn’t hard to do, as many slots state that they have a high RTP, or give an actual percentage (RTP tends to vary between 92% and 97% – any game with an RTP of over 96% is considered high). There are also numerous online databases of games with a higher RTP. Simply search online for “high RTP slots”.

You may also want to seek out high-volatility or high-variance slots. Playing high-volatility games is generally considered better as although you will lose more frequently, you will win bigger when you do win. Many gamblers seek out high-volatility games because, over time, they end up winning more money, even though they lose more often.

Take advantage of free spins

We all love free spins, and they are definitely a way to increase your chances of winning when playing slots. Many casinos offer up to 50 free spins to new customers as part of their welcome bonus, but there are many other ways to win free spins on your favourite games. Keep an eye out for casino bonuses for ongoing customers that may include free spins, and make sure that you always claim them.

Get familiar with your preferred slots, to see if they offer extra bonus free spins during normal gameplay, and how often this happens. Playing games that regularly reward players with free spin bonuses is well worth it. Remember that free spins often come with strings attached. Often, they have to be used quite quickly or they become invalid, and they may well come with wagering requirements like any other casino bonus, so check the terms and conditions on your free spins packages.

Mobile vs desktop slots

You may have heard that it’s better or worse to play mobile slots rather than desktop slots, but the Casino Veteran is here to tell you that there is virtually no difference when it comes to choosing an online slot game. It’s simply a matter of preference.

Some apps may not have all the games that are available at a certain casino when playing on mobile, usually due to the fact that not all older games are compatible with modern apps. If you want to play certain games that aren’t available on mobile, then you’ll need to log into your preferred online casino via desktop, but most new games are available on both and it’s simply a matter of which you prefer.

Minimum and maximum bets

You’ll also want to consider minimum and maximum bets when playing slots. The minimum bet is obviously of interest to hobby gamblers. When you are playing for fun, you may want to place a lot of bets with a fairly small bankroll. The maximum bet, however, is of much more interest to serious gamblers with a bigger bankroll.

These gamblers will tend to always bet the maximum amount allowed. This is particularly important when playing some progressive slots, as you have to wager a certain amount in order to have a chance of winning the jackpot. Many slots, in fact, tend to offer bonus payouts or jackpots mainly to those who are betting the maximum amount.

While it’s counter-intuitive to always bet the maximum if you want your money to last longer, it will, oddly, often stretch out your money when you bet high. Depending on the game, you may receive extra bonus money, have the chance to hit the bigger jackpots, and be more likely to actually lose less money per spin over a long period of time. Check the details of each game to see what the advantages of betting the maximum might be.

The Casino Veteran hopes this information has helped you to choose an online slot game that suits you and your playing style. Remember, if you absolutely love playing a slot, then you should. Online casinos are about fun and entertainment as well as trying to win!

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