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Some say he can make roulette wheels spin on their own, others that he can cut a deck of cards with one hand tied behind his back. He is the Casino Veteran, and he was ready to take advantage of all the available VIP casino bonus offers.


What is a VIP casino bonus offer?

The Casino Veteran has signed up at many online casino, so he was aware that there are plenty of bonuses offered to persuade players to open an account. Most online casinos offer matched deposit bonuses and free spins at the very least. Some will offer no deposit bonuses as well as various other promotions.

What is a VIP casino bonus offer? It is basically the bonus offered to entice customers to stay with an online casino and encourage them to play more, wager more and spend more time at the virtual tables or slots.. Most casinos offer a VIP bonus scheme of some kind. While welcome bonuses lure new players in, VIP bonuses help persuade existing customers to stay loyal and, ideally, become high rollers over time.

High rollers such as the Casino Veteran are gamblers with the means and inclination to spend a lot of money at online casinos. They are high-value players who wager a lot of money on single games and extremely high amounts at times. They may win big or lose big, but they just keep on playing. Obviously, casinos want to keep the high rollers when they get them, so they offer VIP bonuses to encourage them to stay. Many casinos offer tiered bonuses, however, so you do not have to be an elite player to benefit.


How do you get a VIP casino bonus?

As you might expect, casinos do not offer these high-value bonuses to just anyone. They are, as the name implies, reserved for very important customers. Your value as a customer correlates to the amount of money that you deposit at the casino and how often that you play. Most VIP bonus schemes are by invitation only, and casinos only issue these invitations according to how much money that a player is spending.

A few casinos will allow customers to apply to their VIP schemes, but the majority will simply offer an invite when a player qualifies. This may be an automated process through which the deposit of a certain amount or the total investment of a certain amount triggers an invite. Most casinos have a tiered VIP scheme with Bronze, Silver, Gold and higher memberships, and meeting the requirements of each level will automatically trigger an invite to that level of the VIP club.


Benefits of a VIP casino bonus offer

Each VIP bonus offer is different, as many casinos purposely try to offer something unique to differentiate themselves from the others and attract those elusive high rollers. The typical benefits of a VIP casino bonus offer include:

  • An exclusive bonus when players join or qualify
  • Extra ongoing bonuses not available to regular players
  • Extra free spins
  • Faster withdrawal times
  • Higher withdrawal and deposit limits
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Exclusive promotions, prizes and perks
  • Invites to exclusive events or the chance to win invites
  • Anything else that the casino promotion manager thinks up to help keep high rollers playing

Once customers become VIP members, anything can happen, as the pressure to keep these players happy is high. They might receive invitations to music events, sporting events and “experience days” or have the chance to win high-value prizes such as vacations or a car.


Best VIP casino bonuses

Almost every casino has some kind of VIP bonus scheme, but the Casino Veteran found that some are better than others for various reasons.

At PokerStars, for example, there is a graded VIP bonus scheme that typically classifies customers as Bronze Star, Silver Star or Gold Star members. There are actually more levels that players can reach, with the highest being Supernova. At every level, the rewards and benefits increase, and options such as VIP tournaments, freerolls and live VIP events become available.



Red Spins offers similar tiered access to its VIP bonus scheme with Silver, Gold, Premiere and Elite memberships. Silver membership requires a deposit of £2,000, which increases as players move up through the levels. Elite membership requires a £20,000 deposit. Of course, benefits also increase as players achieve higher levels, with Elite membership including exclusive promotions and reloads, a personal account manager, special gifts, faster withdrawal times and higher deposit limits.


  • First Deposit Bonus
    No Deposit Bonus


At Goliath Casino’s VIP Club, the lower tiers offer limited benefits, with Bronze and Silver members receiving 25 or 50 free games respectively in addition to a few other perks. Customers who work their way up to the Prestige VIP level receive cash bonuses, personalised offers and higher deposit and withdrawal limits



Frank & Fred Casino claims to include all customers in its VIP club. While this is true in theory, in practice, new customers get a Bronze membership with very few benefits. The Casino Veteran learned that players must work their way through the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels to reach the exclusive Diamond and Black levels. Benefits increase as players move up, and they include free spins, special gifts and tickets to sports matches and other events. At Frank & Fred Casino, one important benefit is that wagering requirements on bonuses and free spins decrease as customers progress through the levels. These requirements are 35x for Bronze members, 5x for Platinum and 1x for Black.



The Casino Veteran’s verdict

The Casino Veteran recommends that you always look closely at the VIP bonus offers at online casinos. Even if you are not a high roller, you can often snag valuable benefits at lower levels of play. As the Casino Veteran worked his way up through the VIP levels, the benefits of membership became more attractive, with some big prizes available when he made it to the top tiers.



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