Online casino trends 2019

Online casino trends for 2019

Some say he only wears clothes that have pictures of cards on, others that he can make a deck of cards shuffle themselves just by thinking about it. He is the Casino Veteran and he thought it was time to take a look at some of the trends we can expect from online casinos in 2019.

Online gambling is now a significant and fast-growing industry, and it is powered by new, innovative, cutting-edge technology. Advances in both hardware and software are constantly having an impact on the experience that online casinos can offer their customers, and this certainly won’t be slowing down in 2019. Here are just a few of the areas in which we can expect to see continued growth over the next year and beyond.


Slots in smartwatches

Wearable tech is already a popular trend and still has plenty of room for growth. The Apple Watch is a coveted gadget among millennials, and other brands have been fast to bring their own high-quality smartwatches to the market, with great Android offerings available from Samsung, Sony and many more. It’s no surprise, then, that online casino operators and games developers are keen to incorporate the slots that online gamers love so much into smartwatch technology.

There are already multiple options for smartwatch wearers who want to game on the go. Major gaming software developers such as Microgaming and Playtech have already produced slots that you can play from your watch. Online casinos are also on board, with several of the more tech-savvy brands, such as Betway and Mansion Casino, already producing a smartwatch app. One trend that the Casino Veteran predicts for 2019 is a lot more slots coming onto the market for smartwatches, and more online casinos developing apps specifically for smartwatches, particularly the popular Apple Watch.


Augmented reality casinos 2019

Behind most online gambling trends is a desire to give customers the best possible experience, so it is no surprise that developers are determined to make advancements in the area of augmented reality. Augmented reality aims to do exactly what the name suggests, taking your current reality and adding to it, making online gambling a more satisfying and realistic experience.

While online gambling has been growing in popularity for a while now, land-based casinos are still popular, and many casino gamblers would agree that there’s a good reason for that. The excitement, atmosphere and thrill of actually attending a casino for a night of entertainment still trump gambling from home for many people.

The Casino Veteran predicts that in 2019, augmented reality casinos will attempt to provide a compromise between the two. In theory, augmented reality can provide a realistic, 360-degree experience with a real feeling that the other players, and the dealer, are right there at your kitchen table with you. Augmented reality still has its challenges, but we’ve all seen how fast technology moves, especially in the world of online gambling.


Game design improvements 2019

Online casinos have been around almost as long as the internet itself, and those who remember the early days will be aware of the monumental steps forward that game design has taken over the past few decades. The games that are available as we move into 2019 bear little resemblance to those of the early 1990s, but there is still room for improvement, and improvement is what we can expect to see in 2019. As well as general improvements in design, graphics and playability, we can expect to see big advances in mobile game design over the next year or so.

Some casinos are already providing a mobile experience that rivals their desktop software, and as mobile technology improves, it paves the way for live streaming, allowing more and more mobile apps to offer live dealer games, as the more advanced ones already do. As the whole world goes mobile, with more and more people using their smartphone as their only or primary personal device, game design will have to keep up and offer a mobile experience that is every bit as satisfying as the desktop software for which gaming technology was originally designed.

One of the reasons why older games are often not available via a casino’s mobile app is that they simply were not designed to be optimised for mobile play. The Casino Veteran is interested to see if, as mobile gaming becomes the norm, more of the popular old favourites will get a total redesign to make them more mobile-friendly. Lastly, expect to see more and more new games hitting the market in 2019. Game designers are creatives who just love rising to the challenge of making online casino games ever more entertaining and visually appealing. They will doubtless be adding extra bells and whistles as technology opens up new possibilities and opportunities.


More competition for high rollers

The Casino Veteran is definitely someone who can be defined as a high roller. High rollers are simply the extravagant betters who routinely place large wagers at online casinos. They are sometimes, though not always, professional or semi-professional gamblers, and they are attracted by high betting limits and big bonuses.

Unsurprisingly, casinos love to attract the high rollers, and the Casino Veteran predicts that competition for their business will get fiercer in 2019. While there will always be casinos catering to new and hobby gamblers, those that specifically target high rollers will be upping their game in 2019, offering bigger and better bonus matching schemes to encourage bigger deposits. High roller casinos can afford to offer big bonuses, along with high wagering requirements and short timelines, as the real high rollers will be attracted to the idea of competing mainly with others like them

The Casino Veteran is looking forward to 2019. He thinks that it will be a great year for innovations in the world of online gambling.

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