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virtual reality casinos


The progression of the casino is a fascinating one to track. Initially, players had only bricks and mortar casinos to go to, with standard table games like Blackjack, Poker and maybe a few early slot machines. The next big leap was the internet boom of the 1990s where online casinos suddenly gave a completely different choice to players with more games, more convenience and the ability to play from home.

Virtual reality casinos represent the next giant leap forward in the gambling experience. Although online casinos are great, some people miss the real-life, immersive experience that playing in this way cannot bring. While this may be the case, they may not live near to a real-life casino – this is where virtual reality casinos come into their own.

What are virtual reality casinos?

Virtual reality casinos give the perfect mix of a more social experience than normal online gambling but still with all the convenience and benefits of playing from home. Although most casinos will offer Live Dealer games, this still does not hit the spot in the same way as a pure virtual reality casino. As the name suggests, these types of casino make use of cutting-edge virtual reality technology to allow players a unique casino adventure. Rather than just seeing cards or slots on a screen or via WebCam, if on a Live Dealer game, they feel it as though they were really in the casino itself. This feeling of being there and playing the games for real is what sets virtual reality casinos apart from all other forms of online gambling. Players can even see other players wandering around as they would in a land-based casino!

What are the best virtual reality casinos out there?

It must be said that, while this is a very exciting time for online casinos, the technology is still in its infancy. With that in mind, there is not a huge range of virtual reality casinos to choose from that have got the experience fully nailed down. The best of the bunch so far, from what the Casino Veteran has seen, are SlotsMillion and CasinoVR. Both these sites have been running for a few years, so now there has been time to iron out any bugs or flaws. While the technology involved is always advancing, they offer the best and most realistic virtual reality casino experience on the market, and they get the Casino Veteran’s thumbs up.

What is next for virtual reality casinos?

Virtual reality has been long talked about in the online casino world as the next big thing. With sites such as SlotsMillion and CasinoVR continuing to push the boundaries, it would seem this may now actually be the case. The main difference which now makes virtual reality casinos a viable possibility is that the technology involved has reached a point where it can be effectively harnessed to deliver an awesome experience for players. With this in mind, many in the industry fully expect this type of casino to skyrocket in the next few years. This is looking likely across all types of games, from traditional table games to video slots. Big-name developers such as NetEnt have already announced plans to release VR slot titles over summer 2018, including Gonzo’s Quest VR. This is seen by many as evidence that VR technology is ready to go global.

A brave new world

There is an old saying that the Casino Veteran likes which is “If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still.” This is true for the online gambling sector which must continually push forward to give players the best possible experience and a cutting-edge way to enjoy their favourite games. With virtual reality casinos all set to be the next big thing, it’s an exciting time to be a player.


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