Payment Method: Entropay

Entropay’s versatility makes it a very popular choice with online gambling players, and online casinos also appreciate Entropay because supporting that payment processor provides their customers with an enhanced playing experience and fosters customer loyalty.

Some say he owns property near every major casino, others that he is an expert race car driver. He is the Casino Veteran, and he thought it would be helpful to let everyone know the ins and outs of the payment method Entropay. 

About Entropay

Entropay is a UK-based payments processor that operates as both an e-wallet and a prepaid virtual Visa debit card. In addition to using Entropay at online casinos, players can use their Entropay account at any place that accepts Visa in over 120 countries, regardless of whether the location accepts Entropay itself. Entropay is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is one of the safest providers of e-wallets and virtual credit cards.

Players link their Entropay accounts to their regular bank accounts, and can then immediately use Entropay to transfer money from their bank accounts to their online casino accounts quickly and with minimal risk to their regular bank account. Entropy account holders can also fund their online casino accounts with their prepaid virtual Visa card for additional flexibility. Currently, players can fund their Entropay accounts using GBP, EUR and USD.

Using Entropay at online casinos

Since it is so widely accepted, Entropay is among the most popular methods that players use in online casinos. Every major online casino supports Entropay, and even if players encounter an online gambling site that does not accept it directly, they can still use their prepaid virtual Visa card at that site. Also, players can put a specific limit on the prepaid virtual Visa card offered by Entropay to protect themselves from irresponsible gambling practices. Entropay has partnered with some of the leading online casinos, providing players with a very attractive choice of sites.

Making deposits at Entropay

It’s very simple for players to make deposits to their accounts using Entropay. They only need to select Entropay from the online casino’s list of payment methods and follow the steps outlined on the casino site. Since Entropay does not have any restrictions about making payments to online gambling sites, players will never encounter any problems in transferring funds to their accounts. If players wish to patronise an online casino that does not directly accept Entropay, then they can simply use their prepaid virtual Visa card to fund their account by selecting Visa as a payment option and following the site’s instructions.

 Making withdrawals with Entropay

The ease with which withdrawals can be made is one of the greatest benefits that players get when using Entropay at online casinos. Players can quickly withdraw their winnings to their Entropay e-wallet and then either transfer the funds to their bank account or use the money immediately through their virtual Visa card.

Pros and cons of Entropay

Overall, Entropay is one of the most flexible payment processors available for use with online casinos. It gives players the ability to perform all the payment and withdrawal operations that they can normally do with their regular bank account but with more speed, safety and convenience. Entropay is also one of the least expensive options available as fees are infrequent and less expensive than for most other e-wallets. There are two negative issues. Entropay is not available for residents of Australia, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Also, not every casino accepts Entropay directly – however, players can use their prepaid virtual credit card to overcome this problem when making a deposit to receive their welcome bonus or receive their hard won earnings.

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