Payment Method: Euteller

Euteller provides players with a simple method to set up and use their accounts. Euteller is supported by a wide range of popular online gambling operators.

Some say he can win at playing poker while blindfolded, others that he wore a Doc Holliday costume for Halloween as a child. He is the Casino Veteran, and he thought it would be helpful to let everyone know the ins and outs of the payment method Euteller.

About Euteller

Euteller is a Finland-based payment processor that was established in 2007. The company allows players at online casinos to make both instant payments and withdrawals to 11 Finnish banks that are supported by Euteller. The company has processed more than €1bn in payments since its formation. Euteller is licensed and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA). Euteller is extremely popular with Finnish online casino players as it allows them to make deposits into their casino accounts conveniently, efficiently and securely.

Using Euteller at online casinos

Finnish players must first open an account with the one of the 11 banks supported by Euteller before they can use that payments processor for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Euteller provides both Finnish and English versions of its website.

Euteller is very simple to use, and it does not require players who use online casinos to register the details of those accounts with the payment processor. There is no need for players to reveal sensitive personal information about their bank accounts to online casino operators, which is certainly very advantageous for the customers. Besides processing online payments instantly, using Euteller is an excellent way for players to load funds to their debit or credit cards.

Making deposits

To make deposits or boost their current balances at online casinos, players must first select Euteller as the method they wish to use. Next, players must select one of the banks that Euteller supports. Players are then automatically redirected to their bank’s website, where they have to log in using their customary credentials to access their bank account online. Players then indicate the amount that they wish to deposit into their online casino account and complete the transfer process by entering their PIN to confirm their identity. After that, the funds will be immediately transferred to the online casino. What players find appealing about Euteller is that they receive an instant transfer to their online casino account even when using a tablet or a smartphone without the need to use a dedicated application. Players just have to access Euteller on their mobile devices, and Euteller will automatically redirect them to its mobile version. The mobile version will automatically adjust the page size to fit the smaller screen of the mobile device, making it easy for players to transfer funds while on the go. Also, one of the big benefits of using Euteller is the relatively low cost. Most online casinos do not charge a fee for using Euteller, and Euteller only charges a reasonable 1.95% fee of the total amount of the deposit.

Making withdrawals

Euteller allows players to make instant withdrawals for deposit into the 11 Finnish banks that are supported by the online payment processor. 

Euteller Pros and cons

Reliability and security are major advantages of using Euteller, as players are not required to disclose their debit card or credit card numbers to make deposits or withdrawals. In addition, instant deposits and withdrawals are a huge plus. The one negative is Euteller’s limited availability. The payment processor is only available to residents of Finland who have accounts with 11 designated banks. Some say the Casino Veteran is an expert handicapper, others that he gambles on bridge tournaments. All we know is that he likes to give his valued readers the tools to help them enjoy online gambling as much as possible.