Responsible Gaming

Playing at online casinos should be all about having fun. It should give players a relaxing way to unwind at the end of a long day and enjoy some of their favourite games, free spins and bonuses. For most players, this is exactly what happens – the majority will play online at the best casinos with no problems at all. However, for a small minority, it does not quite work out this way. For these unfortunate few, online gambling can cause them significant issues in their normal lives that makes it dangerous. This is where responsible gaming comes in.


What is responsible gaming?

Responsible gaming has been developed to protect those who encounter issues that they need help with when playing online. It must be said, however, that all online casino players should practice responsible gaming to stay safe.

Responsible gaming is simply a set of procedures and safeguards that the online casino sector has put into place to protect players. It gives players a way to find support and helps prevent certain individuals from gaming in a way that may lead to problems in the first place.

What can online casinos do to uphold responsible gaming?

All licensed and regulated casinos (and these are the only types you should be playing with!) now practice this. They all agree that the future health of the online gaming and gambling sector relies on protecting and helping players who need it.

  • Responsible gaming page 

    all reputable online casinos will have a page on their website dedicated to Responsible Gaming. This will outline their policy on it and how they can help players, in addition to external resources for supplementary information and assistance.

  • Ability to set limits 

    for some people who simply cannot control the amount they spend when playing online, most casinos will now allow them to set limits on their accounts. This normally places restrictions on how much money players can deposit into their account or how much they can spend in a set period.

  • Access to gaming history

    some players get in trouble as they have no idea of the amount of money they are gaming with. Most online casinos now will allow players to see their full account history to make it clear.

  • Self-exclusion 

    for most online casinos, players have the ability to self-exclude for a set period. This will not only stop them from logging in to the casino but will also prevent any emails or communications that could tempt them.

What can players do?

When it comes to playing online responsibly, players must take responsibility for some of the duties too. Very often, these are common-sense precautions including not using money that they need to pay bills, stopping playing when it is not fun, and looking out for ways in which online gaming is affecting their daily lives.

If players do think that they are showing signs of problem gaming, then they should take action immediately. Of course, for some this kind of problem is hard to diagnose in themselves. Players may have an issue if:

  • They gamble for long periods when they should be doing other important things
  • They are gambling more than is comfortable or they can afford to lose
  • They suffer from mood swings when not gaming
  • They hide their gambling or what they have lost from those close to them
  • They feel unable to stop gaming or spend time away from playing online
  • They take money needed from other areas of their lives to finance gaming

What should you do to get help with responsible gaming?

The first thing to do is step back and take stock of the situation. This can be a big step that many players find hard, but it is so crucial.

For some people, this will provide a reality check which will help them realise what damage their approach is wreaking on their lives. If this allows them to adjust their behaviour and start to gamble more responsibly, then the problem is solved. Some players, though, may not be able to do it all on their own and require external help.

In this instance, details of who to contact will be on the Responsible Gaming page of the online casino. Players may start by seeking help from the online casino directly or from one of the following organisations:

The above are experts in problem gaming and can offer specific counselling or advice to get players back on track.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or admit there’s a problem

The Casino Veteran has always been able to stay in control of his gaming and enjoy his favourite games without any issues. He has seen others struggle with responsible gaming, though, and would say the same to any player: don’t be afraid to admit there is a problem and ask for help if needed.